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Pokemon Twilight Masquerade Arriving Soon!
Pokemon Twilight Masquerade Arriving Soon!

GKR Heavy Hitters: Urban Wasteland

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Transform your GKR: Heavy Hitters gameboard into an urban wasteland with a set of durable plastic buildings and decorations! The add-on pack includes:
- x1 Big Little Buddy Miniature (this was an add-on during the Kickstarter campaign)
- x1 Unit Card
- x3 Weapon Cards
- x5 BLB Sponsor Cards
- x10 Plastic City Buildings
- x10 Rubbles Bases
- x4 Corporation Toppers
- x40 Holo-board Tags
- x3 Building Spires
- x12 Sentry Guns
- x12 Sentry Gun Cards
- x2 Sticker Sheets
- x1 Setup Sheet
- x1 Rulebook