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Pokemon Twilight Masquerade Arriving Soon!
Pokemon Twilight Masquerade Arriving Soon!

ThinkFun: Chicken War

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Strategic Guessing Game

The farm has officially broken out in chicken warfare, and factions are quickly forming!

Whose Army will be victorious? Chicken War is a fun, unique deduction game for 2 to 4 players. Each of the 81 Chicken Tiles features a unique combination of 4 different characteristics.
Begin by secretly selecting one Chicken to serve as your Leader. You must recruit 9 more Chickens into your Yard to build a winning Army. But beware-in order to make the cut, your recruits must share two"and only two"characteristics with your Leader. You will need to be clever, because at any moment your opponents can lob an Egg at you if they think they have discovered the secret identity of your Leader, and if their intel is correct, you're out of the game!
Sharpen your wits and prepare to ruffle some feathers, because Chicken War has been declared!