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Modern Horizons 3 Arriving Soon!
Modern Horizons 3 Arriving Soon!

Road Trip Zombies

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AN EPIC GAME OF FUN AND STRATEGY. YOU ARE HUMANITYs LAST HOPE. BE THE FIRST TO COLLECT ALL FOUR TOKENS TO WIN. WILL YOU SURVIVE TO FIND THE CURE? Travel through the Wasteland in search of a cure. Carry out board actions, collect ammo tokens and toll passes while fending off zombie attacks. Gain access to the inner track to collect cure tokens from known infection sites and get them back to your home base before your opponents. The first person to complete their scorecard by acquiring one of each of the 4 cure tokens and return them to their home_base is the winner. It happened. The zombie apocalypse that weve been warned about in movies, TV shows, video games and other pop culture media actually happened. We dont know how it happened, or why. All we know is that the normal rules no longer apply. Death is no longer a finality. The dead have risen, theyre walking around, and theyre after the living. But hope remains. Shortly before the power grid went down, a short wave radio signal began playing a looped message. It outlined details of a cure.