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Modern Horizons 3 Arriving Soon!
Modern Horizons 3 Arriving Soon!

Gamegenic: Star Wars Unlimited Acrylic Tokens


These officially licensed Acrylic Star Wars: Unlimited Premium Tokens are designed to enrich gamers' experience by bringing the Star Wars look and feel to the gaming table!

One token set comes with 50 individual pieces, including 1 Initiative token, 2 Epic Action tokens, 4 Shield tokens, 5 Experience tokens (+1/+1), 5 Reminder tokens, 22 Damage tokens, and 21 Modifier tokens with a variety of different values. Some of the tokens are not even included in the game,thus enhancing the amazong gaming experience even further!

Every token has iconic elements from the Star Wars universe. Most token depict Aurebesh - one of the most used languages in the galaxy far, far away.The Premium Acrylic Tokens are perfect for all enthusiastic players of Star Wars: Unlimited.