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WarCry Tournament #2

Muster the crew and join us for our a Warcry Tournament!

Entry: $25
3x 1.5 Hour Rounds

Players must bring:
-1000 point Warband
-All fighter cards for the warband
-6D6 of one colour
-Enough other D6 for their warband
- Tokens required to play Warcry

***All models must be Battle Ready***

Any Players that have Warcry Boards and Scenery are welcome and encouraged to bring it along.

1st: Gold Medalion + Bag of Acrylic Tokens + Eternal Glory
2nd: Silver Medalion + Bag of Acrylic Tokens
3rd: Bronze Medalion + Bag of Acrylic Tokens
4th-10th: Bag of Acrylic Tokens

Missions and twists will be chosen on the day and all participants will play the same.

Hidden Agenda's will not be used.