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Modern Horizons 3 Arriving Soon!
Modern Horizons 3 Arriving Soon!

Warcry: Stormcast Eternals

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If you’re looking to purge the Bloodwind Spoil for the glory of Sigmar, this specially designed warband set is perfect for you. Inside, you’ll find a varied warband of Vanguard Chamber Stormcast Eternals, offering you a versatile force right out of the box. Fighter cards for a huge variety of Vanguard Chamber Stormcast Eternals make expanding your warband simple, while the abilities card lets you harness their storm-forged wrath and special tactics on the battlefield.

This set contains 11 plastic Citadel miniatures, including 3 Vanguard-Raptors, 3 Aetherwings and 5 Vanguard-Hunters (with the option to build a Hunter-Prime). It also includes an ability card that provides reference imagery for your fighters and powers they can use on the battlefield, fighter Cards for 8 different types of fighter, including Vanguard-Raptors, Aetherwings, Gryph-Hounds and Vanguard-Hunters, and 2 double-sided, Stormcast Eternals-themed token boards, letting you track activations, initiative, treasure, objectives and more.