Prerelease - Throne of Eldraine [Frankston]

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Throne of Eldraine is fast approaching!
General Games Frankston is pleased to bring you another Prerelease for you to join and have a day of MTG fun.
September 27-29

Sealed Event (4 Rounds): Friday 27th from 3pm - 8pm
Sealed Event (4 Rounds): Friday 27th from 8pm - 1am
Sealed Event (4 Rounds): Saturday 28th from 9am - 2pm
Sealed Event (4 Rounds): Saturday 29th from 2pm - 7pm
Two Headed Giant Sealed Event (4 Rounds): Sunday 29th from 12pm - 5pm

$40 per event
Enter 3 or more events for $35 per event (all 5 events total $175)

Prizes will be awarded at two packs per win, until we run out of packs. All remaining prizes will then be made available from the release date.

Spots are limited – register now so you don’t miss out!