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Pokemon Twilight Masquerade Arriving Soon!

Pitchstorm: Date Night Expansion


Light some candles and get that smooth jazz playing. The Date Night deck is an expansion for Pitchstorm that brings all of the romance and hijinks of romantic comedies to your terrible movie pitches. 


  • The Date Night Deck adds 100 romantic new cards to Pitchstorm.
  • Sample characters include: "Two best friends in love with the same person" and "A jealous bridesmaid."
  • Sample plots include: "runs into their high school sweetheart on a couples retreat" and "Must go back in time to stop their crush from marrying the wrong person."
  • Sample notes include: "Let's set this in Jane Austen times... Ladies 18-35 love those dresses!" and "Not enough Kissing. We need kissing in every scene!"

This sweeping romance requires the Pitchstorm Main Game for play. 

Ages 14+

3 to 12 Players

Duration: 15 minutes