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Laundry As Above So Below

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The decisions that matter aren't made in the field – they're made in conference calls, in committee meetings. This sourcebook add a political dimension to your games of The Laundry Roleplaying Game, letting the players climb the ladder of promotion and take charge. Management isn't always a bad thing – it's power by another name, and bargains with ministers and Auditors work just like bindings with eldritch entities. Sorcery is the continuation of politics by other means. Two sourcebooks in one, exploring two very different facets of the Laundry. The military, and the political. The sharp end, and the hand that guides. As above, so below. This 128-page, black and white, softcover supplement contains: •Background on Special Forces organisations. •Rules for creating Special Forces characters. •Advice for running Special Forces scenarios, including Occult Engagement Protocols. •Advice for running Political Games, including rules for pay grade, status, promotion, mentors and committee meetings. •A new mini-game for playing high-level meetings. •Three new scenarios, using the new play-styles introduced in the book.