Kill Team Tournament 15th February

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General Games Malvern is hosting a full day Kill Team tournament!
3 rounds depending on numbers
90 Minutes each
$25 entry
Prizes include but are not limited to Kill Team Promotional Products,
Such as - Dice bags, Dice, cards and Gold, Silver and Bronze medals
Kill team and Games Workshop Products, and heaps of other goodies!!
The more players, the more prizes !!
Rules and factions that are allowed within this tournament will all be found in the:
Kill Team Core Manual
Kill Team: Arena
Kill Team: Elites (All Faction rules, datasheets and Tactics)
Kill Team: Rogue Trader (All Faction rules, datasheets and Tactics)
The missions for this tournament will be:
Round 1: Objective Ultima
Round 2: Terror Tactics
Round 3: Take Prisoners
Each player must create a command roster consisting of between 3 and 20 models, all of which must share a Faction keyword and at least one of which must be a Leader.
Players must provide a copy of their command roster to their opponent before mustering for each mission.
Each player must be familiar with the muster phase
If players are able to bring Kill Team terrain to the event please message the store as this will assist in making the experience as smooth and fair as possible!
Tickets are available on our website
Spots are limited so guarentee your entry!