Incredibuilds San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge 3D Wood Model and Book

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One of the most iconic bridges in the world, the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco symbolizes American ingenuity and prosperity. With this exciting new installment in the IncrediBuildsTM series, crafters can build their own customizable wood model with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions. The included passport-style book features interesting historical trivia, beautiful photographs, and lots of fun facts. The set also contains an exclusive postcard to send to friends and sample craft projects to show readers how to create a custom collectible.

  • Made from wood rather than metal or plastic, these models can be colored or painted in countless ways. This kit also provides craft ideas
  • IncrediBuildsTM are made from eco-friendly, FSC®-certified wood.
  • No glue or tools required. Each puzzle comes with easily detachable and interlocking parts.
  • All sets include clear and easy-to-follow directions, enabling a high-quality crafting experience!
  • Also includes a Passport mini book
  • Instruction sheet with crafting ideas