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D&D Adventure Begins only $40 Today Only
D&D Adventure Begins only $40 Today Only


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Cang Jie is one of the legendary figures in ancient China. As legends foretold, he was inspired by the footprints of animals on the ground, and began to create all kinds of different symbols according to the forms of all things in nature, hoping to replace the conventional, yet unreliable, knot tying way of remembering things. For conveniences, Jie decides to name these symbols “Zi,” which means “character.” This is the origin of “Hanzi,” the “character from Han dynasty.” In “Hanzi,” players will travel back 3600 years ago, and serve as one of the pupils of Master Cang Jie. As you learn from the Master, you will create new characters that serve as the foundation of modern Chinese culture. In game terms, you lay out double-sided cards on the table that show the old letters on one side and the newer traditional letters on the other. On a turn, you choose a task card that shows a theme and score points by identifying two of the many kanji that match your theme from among the old letters. Whoever first earns ten points wins. = Components ※54 Hanzi tablet cards (The front side depicts a floating tablet with only a shadow on the bottom. The backside depicts a tablet with abilities or points on the bottom.) ※30 Age 1 tablet card (Brown) ※24 Age 2 tablet card (Green) ※27 mission cards (One side has Chinese on the bottom. The other side has English/Japanese on the bottom.) ※15 Age 1 mission card (Brown) ※12 Age 2 mission card (Green) ※10 Creation markers ※1 Master Cang Jie marker