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Modern Horizons 3 Arriving Soon!
Modern Horizons 3 Arriving Soon!

Blood Bowl: Death on the Pitch Extra Time

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Great collection of stories from the brutal and fast paced world of Warhammer football....Blood Bowl.

Prepare for the brutal, bone-crunching action of the classic fantasy football game - Blood Bowl. A contest of strategy and tactics, combined with sheer wanton violence, this may just be the goriest sport in existence. Join roaring spectators as they behold the frenzy of cheating dwarfs, second-rate wizards, homicidal orcs, and injured heroes fighting for old glory as they compete for the ultimate bloody victory. Ever wondered what happened to the legendary Bad Bay Hackers? Find out in Matt Forbeck's, 'Hack Attack'. Also included in this rip-roaring anthology are stories from a host of established Black Library authors such as Josh Reynolds, Guy Haley, David Guymer, Gav Thorpe, David Annandale and more...

And in this special extra time edition, two further stories in print for the first time have been added from the subs bench for even more mayhem!