Clash of Souls #3 event entry

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Warhammer: Age of Sigmar - Clash of Souls #3
$25 entry
16 player cap
2000 points Pitched Battles
3 Rounds
2 hour and 20 minute rounds
Prizes: See discussion post

Make sure you register on Downunderpairings: round starts at 12pm sharp.

Armies may be from realms and realm artifacts may be chosen
Players are expected to bring:
Copy of a printed comprehensive army list (not hand written)
-Tape Measure
-Enough dice for their army
-All the BATTLE READY miniatures required to field their army list on the appropriate round bases. (Reasonable conversions/replacements are ok if you are unsure please check with the TO.)
-A way to transport their army from table to table to speed up time between rounds. (Tray or box or box lid is ideal)

The tournament will adhere to a modified version of the rules for Pitched Battles as described in the Generals' Handbook 2019 (pg70-71) with the following tournament scoring structure:

Any rules published post 13/10/2019 will not be used.
----------------------------------------------------------------Tournament Scoring:
Per Round:
Major Victory - 60 Points
Minor Victory - 40 Points
Draw - 30 Points
Minor Loss - 20 Points
Major Loss - 0 Points
Completing Hidden Agenda - 10 Points

Brought all components in the list above - 15 Points
Battle Ready Army - 15 Points

We will provide:
Terrain for each table including markings from the scenery table
A sheet of the Spells for the Realm of Ghyran for each table
When measuring distance vertically, you will use a volume
from the base footprint as high as the model’s head (or torso)
whichever is the highest point (please note this excludes limbs,
wings, weapons, large hair, banners and weapons even if they have a head on a spear...)
A degree of common sense is to be applied here, if there are any disputes on measuring distances players will need to call a judge.