Bo-Po Nail Polish 8 Pack

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Bo-Po (brush on, peel off) Nail Polish, the 1980s sensation is back and better than ever! NEW, non-toxic, child friendly formula.

Easy to use and remove with a no-spill bottle and no nail polish remover required! When you want it on, it’s a great-looking polish but when you are ready for a new colour, it’s quick and easy to simply peel off!

For children ages 3 and up.

The Bo-Po 8 Pack contains 8 bottles of Bo-Po: 

  • OMG (red)
  • Razzmatazz (Pink)
  • Day Camp (Yellow)
  • Cotton Candy (Blue)
  • Bubblegum (Dark Pink)
  • Sweet Dreams (Sparkle)
  • Emerald (Green)
  • Cloudy Day (Blue)