Good bye 8th Edition tournament! - Frankston

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We're celebrating our play space being usable and want to welcome all 40K players to come down and get involved in a high stakes prize support filled 3 round tournament!

Time: 10am players meeting,
         1030am start
Price $20 per ticket, All entry fees will go into prize support.
Prizes: We're also MATCHING all entry fees as ADDITIONAL prize support. (Oh yeah, it's BIG).
We've got a random door prize for a lucky player too simply for showing up with a Battle Ready Army!

We also offer a further 10% off ALL 40k stock for the whole day!
(That's nearly a 20% saving from Games Workshop RRP!)

3 rounds of Swiss tournament structure.
1250 Points with 8th edition rules to say goodbye!
Players will need to be familiar with 8th edition Warhammmer 40k rules.
All armies are asked to be of a Battle Ready standard and are required to be a part of the door prize. We also ask WYSIWYG apply as much as possible!

Spots are limited though so don't wait, book in your ticket now!