Magic Core Set 2021 Prerelease Malvern

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We're Running PRERELEASE!
(In a limited way)
Spots will be limited and preordering to guarantee your spot is ESSENTIAL
This event is recommended for ages 16 and up.
Each event is limited to 8 players
Each event cost $40 and players will receive a prerelease sealed box which contains 6 packs and 1 foil rare or mythic.
They will build a 40 card deck with the contents of the prerelease box.
Players will then be involved in 3 rounds of a Swiss based tournament where they will receive 1 booster pack and then 2 more booster packs per win at the end of the tournament.
Rounds go for 50 minutes each.
Players will be expected to be familiar with the rules of Magic the Gathering.
If a player doesn't want to be involved in the tournament they can instead purchase the prerelease kit and receive 2 booster packs
The events will be run as such:
June 26th: 6pm - 10pm
June 27th: 12pm - 4pm
June 28th: 12pm - 4pm
June 29th: 6pm - 10pm
June 30th: 6pm - 10pm
July 1st: 6pm - 10pm
June 2nd: 6pm - 10pm